attention old people

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The internet is a living creature. Constantly evolving. Growing. Dying. Changing its hair color. Trying on new outfits.

Much like humanity itself.

I’m *really* sorry Yahoo moved stuff on their interface around. I can’t do anything about it. I can’t make it like it was. This is not my fault. This is not your fault.

Stop using Yahoo. They are the most abysmal of the free email providers.

No? Ok stop complaining, please.


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There’s a lot of stuff that endlessly repeats on Facebook. One of them is “DON’T LEAVE YOUR DOG IN A HOT CAR OR I WILL BUST OUT YO WINDOWS, f’real.” Got it. I will not do that, Friends. Scout’s honor.

Another is regarding guns and the two sides of the issue. I’m pro-gun and know how to shoot but now that I’m a parent the thought of having one in our home leaves me clammy and nervous.

guns are good

  • You can protect yourself.

guns are bad

  • You can get yourself killed.

If I think about it, realistically, the chances that someone will cause me to need the weapon in a loaded state OR that I can get it in the loaded state if it isn’t kept that way plus the likelihood I will be near it or able to get to it safely is low. Really low.

Chances are higher that someone in the household will accidentally be harmed by it.

You could carry! 

I am not so paranoid that I feel I live in a community where I have to have an instrument of deadly force strapped to my body at all times of the day. I don’t want my son to see that or internalize that thought process. I don’t feel we need a shotty on the mantle or we need a snub .38 in every room. We had guns in our house growing up and we didn’t talk about them. I learned about them from my brothers, actually. They were keen on them, as kids tend to be. It occurs to me this side of adulthood how incredibly dangerous this was. There was no talk about gun safety. There were no family trips to the range. They were out of reach and out of mind, I suppose. Until the day my brother was showing the pistol to his girlfriend and shot a hole in the wall. It wasn’t like he was a little kid, either. At 17 he knew better…or he should have.

Is the answer: “If you have them in the house you need to talk about it,” …? Does having them and not talking about them breed an air of mystery and intense curiosity?

Should you make gun stewardship part of the family culture? If all they’re for is keeping around is because the world is a dangerous place and we need to protect ourselves (instead of primarily for hunting food)…is that healthy?

If nothing else, The Walking Dead has clearly illustrated that a crossbow is infinitely more effective and useful than a gun in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I could totally see us getting into archery.